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 ©Traipsin' Global On Wheels 2019 | traipsinglobalonwheels@gmail.com | Washington D.C. 

Traipsin' Global On Wheels 

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Our goal is to share, empower, and advocate. We want to tell stories about travel, provide resources for fitness, and discuss topics that enable individuals with disabilities to be proud of all that they are, disability included.  

At TGOW, we strive to create a space where individuals with disabilities know how to access quality information and inquire about fitness related concepts. 


Our second pillar at TGOW is to encourage you to be worldly. A series of videos on traveling in a wheelchair has already been uploaded. 


Our third pillar is that through fitness and travel, we hope to nurture and cultivate a group of healthy, worldly, and informed advocates that will accept, and perhaps even embrace their disability. And, in return, we hope this group of fit and worldly  people will further go on to advocate for equality and justice for other individuals with various disabilities. In the 21st century, no group should be treated as second class citizens, especially individuals with disabilities.

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